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The Woman’s Club of Windsor, Virginia

The Woman’s Club of Windsor was founded in May 1930. Our goals in1930 were the same as today, to promote the civic, cultural, educational and social welfare of our community, to join with other club women to make a difference outside of our community and to provide fellowship for our members.

It is worth noting that in the early years the members of the club gave many talks on the history of Virginia for the programs. Today programs cover topics from health care, finance, self-protection, legislation, domestic violence to gardening and art. One of our Guest Nights honored our veterans by having a program that replicated what it would have been like to be at an USO show during WWII. We have also hosted wonderful 25th, 50th and 75th Anniversary celebrations of our club.

The club has always stressed reading. We were one of the forces behind behind getting a library. We created a lending library and then worked to build a building to house the public library for the town. Our club members were instrumental in starting the Friends of the Library Organization and to this day two thirds of the group are members of the Woman's Club of Windsor. We have participated in Books for Babies, read to school children and tutored adults. We continue to support this library, as well as the school libraries in our town with donations of books and money. Supporting the Local projects has been the main focus of our club. Our club worked with the Ruritan Club to build the Windsor Community House in 1951.This building serves as a resource to the citizens of our area when a meeting place is needed. Recently we donated a commercial dishwasher, new kitchen supplies, round tables and folding chairs.

George Washington Park in the middle of town was an early project complete with benches. We paid for the Christmas lights for the community tree in the park. We have helped with trash clean up days on many occasions. Plants have been purchased and planted for the Community House, Town Municipal Building, and the Windsor Cemetery. For years we have placed flags on the veteran’s graves for National Memorial. Welcome flags, which were purchased with club funds, greet visitors to Windsor. The club helped with the purchase of the first fire truck for Windsor in 1945. With the Ruritan club, the Town of Windsor and Isle of Wight County, we sponsor the Annual Fourth of July Town Picnic. We provide free food, beverage, music and fireworks for 800-1,000 people. In 2010 we sponsored the first Children's Patriotic Parade during these festivities. For years we sponsored a Christmas door decorating contest as well as Best Fall and Spring Yards Awards. When
the Town of Windsor celebrated its 100th Anniversary we played a huge part in the organization of the year long celebration. Our float also won the Best in Show Trophy for the entire parade. We have worked to secure police protection for the town, first by lobbying to get extra county deputies and then by showing the need for a town police force. We are pleased to report that we now have six policemen in Windsor. Throughout the decades we have held public forums for local, state and national elections and issues. We have provided food for poll workers on Election Day. Since 1952 we have sponsored a girl to Girl’s State. For many years we have given a college scholarship to a deserving senior at Windsor High School. We donate yearly to the Arts departments of the high school, middle school and two elementary schools. We sponsor a student art show for students at Windsor High School, Windsor Middle School, Windsor Elementary School, Carrsville and Isle of Wight Academy.  We also make donations to the various GFWC Virginia and Southside District scholarship funds.
We have supported the Genieve Shelter, a safe haven for abused women and children, for years with money and supplies. After Hurricane Isabel we helped to repair their roof. Many of our club members volunteer for the Meals on Wheels Program for Windsor. We support and many members volunteer at the Western Tidewater Free Clinic. When we see a need in Windsor no matter how big or small we take action.

Health care concerns have always been a priority in our club. We have had many informative programs as well as sponsored Health Fairs. We helped to organize the 1962 Polio Inoculation for Windsor. Members are encouraged to get yearly mammograms and are given pink ribbons. We have made contributions to Patrick Henry Hospital, Lake Taylor Tuberculosis Hospital, and the Medical College of Virginia. We have monetarily supported Camp Easter Seal since its conception. We have given money, made dolls and hospital gowns, stuffed bags and given supplies for trips for the Operation Smile organization.

Mirroring our collect "in the big things of life we are at one" we have strived to touch our global neighbors. We supported the World Court Petition on 1931, Radio Free Europe in 1961, the Heifer Project, and a children’s orphanage in Haiti. We continue to support various world help organizations like the Red Cross and Operation Smile.

On the national level we have lobbied our legislators on numerous issues, supported the WW II Monument Project in Washington, D.C. and the War Memorial at Bedford, VA.

The money to support all these endeavors has come from a variety of fundraisers. Selling bunches of sage at the County Fair in 1932 wasn’t a very good idea (4 were sold), however events like fashion shows, card parties, baby contest (one of our members won this as a baby), Christmas House Tours, fruitcakes, Easter Cakes, Christmas Wreaths, cookbooks, afghans, raffling a doll house made by one of our members, and bus trips have proven successful. The one most consistent way of raising money since 1932 has been by cooking and catering meals for other organizations. At one of these events we cooked 600 pounds of French Fries!

We also have events just for fun! One of our favorite events is Guest Night. It has consisted of dinners in local restaurants, mystery dinner theater, country hoedowns, colonial tavern night, USO night, and a 50’s Skating Party. We also look forward to our picnics such as Tacky Tourist and Hawaiian Luau. Some of these have been costumed and floor show events.

The club is also active on the District level. Mrs. A.D. Johnson (1952-54) served as District President during the 1950-1952 term and Mrs. John Moskway of the Windsor Junior Woman's Club (1986-88) served as Southside District Director of Junior Clubs. Currently Helen Hill is serving a Southside District President for the 2014-2016 administration.  We have also had numerous members who hold district offices.

Over the years we have supported District and State projects. We look forward to working at the VA State Fair every year and in the Arts and Crafts contests on the district and state levels. We have had many blue ribbon winners at both levels. To support the GFWC Virginia State Project of the 2008-2010 term, to purchase an ambulance for the Virginia Tech Volunteer Student Rescue Squad, we held a dinner and auction, using a retro VPI theme and had Elvis as our entertainment and auctioneer. Our entire allotment for the project was raised that night. Three of our members were present at the GFWC Virginia convention when the ambulance was presented.

The members today like those of yesterday strive to make our home, nation and world a better place for all of God’s creations. In this 125th year of GFWC we honor those members of our club who paved the way for us today. We thank those strong women who fought for the equal rights, health care, and education that we enjoy today. We thank those women of the early 1930’s who did not give in to the wishes of one of the ministers in town. What a shame that our minutes do not tell us the whole story. The minutes only state that one of the ministers in town preached in a sermon that the women should not be going around town meeting in each other’s homes with that Woman’s Club. His wife, a member, resigned from the club shortly thereafter.

Even though we live in a very small town through our club work we strive to "be large in thought and word, in deed."








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